Ms. Polikandriotis
This page was created for the parents and students of Ms. Polikandriotis's fifth grade class. Here, you will find a bunch of useful things, such as helpful websites that will assist in reinforcing skills taught in class. Also, there is a link to contact me with any questions or concerns. Additionally, our class calendar will have important dates listed, and times, if applicable.

Students-- I am encouraging you to suggest things as well for me to put on this page that will assist you at home in being successful at school. You may either email them through the "Contact Me" link, or write them down and give them to me in class. Remember, I am here to assist you in reaching all of your academic goals. This space is here to help you.

In closing, if there is anything that you need, as always, do not hesitate to contact me by clicking on the "Contact Me" button.

Thanks for stopping by!