Reading Corner

The Reading Corner

Hello, to all parents and guardians!


Our participation in the #BWellRead Reading Challenge continues! This month we will be reading books with a one word title. The remainder of the year we will be focusing on the books below:

  • April: Read a memoir or biography about a person who doesn’t look like you
  • May: Read a book recommended by a friend
  • June: Read a book about music

In addition to the #BWellRead Reading Challenge our focus of the month of March will be nonfiction text features. Reading nonfiction texts are a great way for scholars to learn about the world around them. Many kids love to read about science and nature as well as real people, places and events. Explore nonfiction with your children and encourage them to read about topics of interest.


Nonfiction Reading Tips:

  1. Be a text-feature detective: Take a close look at the helpful parts of a nonfiction text. These parts include a table of context, captions and glossary.
  2. Explore the text: Nonfiction books do not need to be read from cover to cover. Readers can use the table of context and index to jump right to a topic of interest. However, if a student wants to read the text from cover to cover encourage them to use the table of context to understand how the book is organized.
  3. Read like a scientist: Stop and ask your child various questions about the different text features as they read through the text with you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office and ask for Mrs. Marzocchi or email me at


Happy reading and writing!


~ Mrs. Marzocchi