Reading Corner

The Reading Corner

Reading Tips: 

Cancelling school due to extreme winter weather is a difficult decision that is not taken lightly.  But when it happens see below for some fun reading and writing activities that you can do inside on those cold snowy days.  

Craft an Indoor Snowman
You don't always have to freeze to build a snowman - be creative and make one using marshmallows. Outline a snowman on construction paper and trace glue around each circle.  Place mini marshmallows onto the glue.  Add details with other materials from around the house.  Grab scraps of felt for his hat or yarn for his scarf and color in his face with markers or dried food products.  When he's dry, the kids can name and hang him up in the house.  Don't have mini marshmallows?  Use cotton balls for a fluffier snowman.  Once the snowman is complete have your child create an adventure for the snowman.  

Build a Living Room Campsite
Kids love when their parents flip normal household routines upside down.  Creating a campsite in the living room is the perfect way to take them by surprise!  Turn out the lights, wear PJs, bust out the sleeping bags and sit around telling stories.  If you don't have a tent be creative and build a fort using blankets, couch cushions and pillows.  Hide marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers in the pantry for snow day s'mores.  

Happy Reading!