School Counseling

March is here! The School Counseling Core Curriculum topic for the month of March is emotional regulation.  Students in kindergarten will read and act out a story about standing up to bullies.  First grade students will learn how to use self-discipline and self-control when they have something to say and not interrupt unless it is an emergency.  The students in second grade will describe effective emotional management techniques in order to cope with their anger in a healthy way. Students in third grade will be discussing test anxiety and develop a list of test taking strategies.  Fourth grade scholars will define peer pressure in order to make safe decisions. Finally, students in fifth grade will review coping skills that can be implemented when they feel sad, mad, or stressed.


I would also like to thank all of the students who submitted entries to our second annual Black History Month Art and Creative Writing Contest. All submissions are currently being displayed in the front lobby of our school. Please feel free to come check them out!



Ms. Platt