Reading Corner

Welcome to the fabulous 2018-2019 school year! Part of my job, as the Reading Specialist, is to help parents, staff and students narrow any reading achievement gaps. One of the truest statements in any research states that children reading with their parent or guardian at home is vital. One-on-one reading time and access to books are important predictors of future literacy skills and, inevitably, future educational outcomes.

 Here are some easy ways that parents or guardians can help children become strong, successful readers:

 1. Set a routine. Setting routines for mornings and evenings—including nutritious meals and an early bedtime—helps children cope with stresses that may arise from starting a new school year.

2. Read at home regularly.

3. Make a special reading spot.

4.  Designating a special reading spot for children to read with their parents/guardians is not only fun but is also a great way to create a distraction-free zone where children can concentrate.

Be a great reading partner!

· Be patient and encouraging.

· Read aloud and track the words with your finger as you are reading.

· Read the same stories over and over. Try reading the same stories in different ways, with different voices to make it fun and interesting.

· Ask questions about the story while you’re reading to gauge comprehension.

· Pick books that are at the right level for your young reader—5+ mistakes on one page is too hard. No mistakes or only one mistake per page is too easy.

· Gently correct mistakes and re-read the entire sentence.

· Give positive feedback and tell the reader he or she is doing a great job.

· NEVER: Bribe, nag, criticize, judge, or add pressure by making a big deal about reading.


Be a great reading example to your child and bring books everywhere!


~Ms. Marzocchi