Reading Corner

The Reading Corner

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for a great year filled with reading! I hope that you all have a restful summer and that you don’t forget to encourage your child to read, read, read. Below is some information on preventing the summer slide. Please read carefully and make some of the tips a part of your everyday, while on summer vacation!
During the summer, many students experience a loss of skills and material learned over the school year. If they don’t “use it” then they “lose it”. The good news is that we can prevent the summer slide. There are lots of literacy activities that we can do over the summer with our kids to help them practice (in a fun way!) all the things they have learned.

  • Going on a trip? Find a book set in that location to read while you travel there!
  • Curl up with a book in different spots inside and outside your home and rate each reading spot on a scale of one to five. At the end of the summer, review your ratings and decide which spot was your favorite place to read.
  • Read or reread a book with a character you love. Now, think about what that character might do over the summer. Write down or draw a picture of what you’ve imagined.
  • Read a book that takes place in nature, then go to your backyard or a park and study bugs up close, observe trees and flowers, and enjoy the wonders of the world!
  • Ask a Librarian: If you don’t have a library card, ask your librarian how you can get one. Also ask about any library perks you might not know about, such as access to CDs, learning games, fun classes, and more
  • Build a fort — indoors with cardboard blocks or boxes, or outdoors with branches or a tent —then read a book inside it.
  • Learn about the planets and stars by reading a book, then look for constellations in the summer night sky.
  • Read a book that is written like a diary. Create a diary of your own by writing down some memories from your summer in a journal or old notebook.


~ Happy Reading!

        Mrs. Marzocchi