School Counseling


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Happy Spring!


The theme for classroom guidance lessons in April is Coping Skills. Students in primary grades will have lessons that focus on understanding and identifying feeling words, facial expressions corresponding to specific emotions, and practice coping strategies such as breathing techniques. The intermediate grades will continue building more advanced coping strategies, discuss how to cope with stress/anxiety, and learn about social filters (differentiating what is appropriate to think vs. say in social situations). The one exception to the theme this month is for 5th grade as their April lesson focuses on Careers. As always, these lessons are posted on your child’s homeroom Schoology page in the School Counselor’s Corner folder. 


It is my hope that the counseling lessons will help to promote the social emotional, academic, and career development of Glenmar Elementary scholars. Please continue to help your child reflect on these lessons by discussing their content together at home. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about the program. I can be reached via phone at 410-887-0127 or by email at


Additional resources to aid in the discussion of this counseling lesson at home include:


Take care of yourselves!


Ms. Platt

School Counselor

Glenmar Elementary School